Child safety seat Chains Navigation Phone Trunk
price per day 2,5 euro
price per day 2,3 euro
price per day 7,6 euro price per day 0,23 euro cena za dobę 5,8 euro

The fee for each hour of delay in returning the vehicle                    7 euro
Issue / Return on bank holidays                                                               12 euro
Issue / Return the night at 21-7 at                                                           24 euro
Service refueling fuel cost + 35%
Insurance fee (limit of liability of up to 116 euro)                             9,3 euro per night

Allowed to travel outside the                                                                     14 euro once

Additional driver                                                                                             12 euro once

Substituting in the Tri min                                                                           12 max 24 euro

CB Radio                                                                                                               2,3 euro day

When renting a one-day includes the fee of 70% of the rent

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